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Put on your helmet and step into the shoes of a real racing driver. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to handle both the cars and the track, ensuring an unforgettable experience that combines thrill and skill.

Advanced Track Driving Theory

Gain in-depth knowledge of advanced track driving techniques. Our theoretical sessions cover everything from vehicle dynamics to racing strategies, preparing you for the real action on the track.

Track Walk and The Ideal Line

Learn the perfect racing line with a track walk guided by our expert instructors. Understand the nuances of each corner and straight, and how to approach them for maximum efficiency and speed.

Golf GTI Challenge – Technical Track Time Trial

Test your skills in the Golf GTI Challenge, a technical course designed to hone your precision and control. Compete against the clock and your peers to see who can master the track with the best time.

Radical Experience – Drive a Sports Car Prototype

Experience the thrill of driving a sports car prototype. Feel the power and agility of a Radical sports car as you take the wheel and push your limits on the track.

Lunch and Refreshments

Enjoy a delicious lunch and refreshments throughout the day, ensuring you stay energized and ready for each activity.

Diploma and Awards Ceremony

Conclude the day with a diploma and awards ceremony, celebrating your achievements and commemorating your unforgettable experience.

Build the Fastest Corporate Events in Scandinavia

We specialize in creating the fastest and most exhilarating corporate events in Scandinavia. Our meticulously designed programs offer an unparalleled combination of professional racing instruction, thrilling driving experiences, and team-building activities. Whether you’re looking to entertain clients, reward employees, or foster teamwork, our events are tailored to deliver high-speed excitement and lasting memories.