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Stevan Petrovic and the team experienced all four seasons during the MOMO Radical Cup Scandinavia roll-out at Mantorp Park. With low temperatures, stormy winds, and intermittent showers, they had the opportunity to test a variety of strategies ahead of the new season, which kicks off on the 4th and 5th of May.

Petrovic ran an extensive program, shaking down his 2024 SR3 XXR challenger and working to rediscover the speed that won him the Championship in 2022. The car was reliable and ran without any problems, a promising sign for the season ahead. Despite the windy and tricky conditions making it difficult to predict the exact speed for the first race, the team is confident they have resolved the issues experienced last season.

“The car felt great, and we were able to complete our full testing program without any hitches. The conditions were tough, but it was a good opportunity to test our strategies and ensure we are prepared for anything. I’m looking forward to seeing how we stack up when the season starts”
Stevan Petrovic
RCR Sweden

In the end, it was a successful roll-out ahead of the 2024 season opener, which is less than two weeks away. The field looks stronger than ever, featuring three Radical Cup Scandinavia Champions on the grid and seasoned drivers from other categories joining the fray. Stevan Petrovic is poised to make a strong bid for the 2024 title, and the team can’t wait for the new season to start!

Watch video from the roll-out